Duffield Carnival Day 2020 – The Orange Ts

  1. Enjoying a lie in

  2. Relaxed breakfast

  3. Having a lazy day

  4. Missing Carnival bunting

  5. Missing the Crew

  6. Didnt get the memo

  7. Would rather be at the Carnival

  8. Just hanging around at home

  9. Got round to finishing his book

  10. And finishing the jigsaw

  11. Reading the DCA News

  12. Orange Tea Break

  13. First beer of the day

  14. Waiting on the gate

  15. Watching Blur at Glastonbury

  16. Mowing NHS smiley face

  17. Sheltering from the rain

  18. Missing clearing up the rubbish

  19. Enjoying that Gin & Tonic

  20. Even the pig is missing the Carnival

  21. All packed away for another year