1976 saw a revival of Duffield Carnival after a lapse of 37 years. Since then it has been held annually and grown steadily. We have programmes going back to the Silver Jubilee celebrations of 1977 and then from 1980 right up to present day. Thanks to Derek Cook, Secretary of the DCA for years, this record has been preserved.
Since those early days the carnival has been a huge part of village life, and there have been some changes along the way. The route used to start at the Scarsdale pub, now Il Forno, and moved to Avenue Rd in 1980. In 1983 the carnival procession and fete day expanded into the Carnival Week we recognise today. The first fell race was over 4 miles in that year, and it became the Duffield 5 in 1984.
1995 celebrated 100 years of cricket on Eyes Meadow, and in 1997 it was the DCA’s 25th anniversary, being formed on 29 sept 1972. 1997 was also the centenary for Duffield Club and the parish church clock. The event of 2000 became Duffield Pageant, part of the 5 weeks of Duffield Millenium Festival celebrations.
Unfortunately, carnival day of 2007 had to be cancelled because of flooding. This was a great disappointment, but a kind invitation to joint Little Eaton procession the following week was awelcome consolation.

Carnival week is now bigger than ever, and is as important to village life today as it ever was, with fun and entertainment for the whole family.