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Duffield 5 update

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It was lovely to see so many runners turn out for the Duffield 5 steeplechase on Monday evening. We had a record number of entrants with 65 primary school children, 69 under 18’s, 75 in the open class and 101 vets making a total of 310 runners! The weather was cool but bright and made for perfect weather conditions. Details of the winners for each class are given below and we hope to add running times shortly. There is a photo gallery of the event too so have a look to see if you’ve been snapped.

1st Gordon Irving 32.53
2nd Alex Cook 33.38
3rd Ed Murden 34.16
Primary Girl Primary Boy
1st Amber Hendley 46.51 1st Ethan Barr 40.29
2nd Alice Crane 47.02 2nd Max Bond 41.47
3rd Isabella Clark 50.43 3rd Owen Hickson 41.48
Under 18 Lady Under 18 Boy
1st Polly Edwards 42.54 1st Ross Hickie 34.18
2nd Molly Tomlinson 44.10 2nd David Narborough 34.21
3rd Jenifer Stevenson 50.17 3rd Jamie Clark 35.31
1st  Charlotte Dye
2nd Millie Tomlinson 40.15
Female Charlotte Dye
Male Alex Cook
Lady Vet Male Vet
1st Caroline Scott 40.4 1st Ed Murden 34.16
2nd Leslie Crane 41.5 2nd Adrian Daley 35.36
3rd Kathy Cresswell 42.15 3rd Ben Crane 35.39
Lady Super Vet Male Super vet
1st Kath Knibbs 44.20 1st Dickie Wilkinson 35.34
2nd Julie Heithus 50.01 2nd Chris Booth 36.10
Mega Vet
1st Peter Spencer 44.09
The Positive Thinkers
David Narborough
Millie Tomlinson
Aiden Goth
Joe Booth