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Duffield 5 Winners 2014

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Well done to all who joined in the Duffield 5 on Monday. Please find below details of the top placed runners. We hope to be able to publish the overall results soon


OVERALL: 1st. Daniel Haynes (U18)

2nd. Alex Cook

3rd. Edward James



PRIMARY GIRL: 1st. Amber Henley

2nd. Charlotte Crane

3rd. Poppy Brown



PRIMARY BOY: 1st. Max Bond

2nd. Jude Wright

3rd. George Salisbury



U18 GIRL: 1st. Dani Booth

2nd. Laura Bailey

3rd. Alice Crane



U18 BOY: 1st. Jamie Clarke

2nd. Ethan Barr

3rd. George Collier



Open Female Category: 1st. Millie Tomlinson

2nd. Lily Matthew

3rd. Madeline Tomlinson



Lady Vet: 1st. Charlotte Dye

2nd. Jane Eaton

3rd. Wendy McCristal



Male Vet: 1st. Andy Parkin

2nd. Dave Hutchins

3rd. Tim Smith



Lady Super Vet: 1st. Julie Helliwell

2nd. Helen Ellis



Male Super Vet: 1st. Dickie Wilkinson

2nd. Chris Booth


Mega Vet: Martin Sleath